The Old Country II
The great period of immigration from central Europe to the United States was from the 1850s to the beginning of World War I. The main places of entry were New York, Baltimore and Texas.  The Czechs have reconstructed a village, similar to the kind of exhibits in our country in Old Williamsburg, Old Sturbridge Village and Old Bethpage Village. The object is to demonstrate what life was like in rural areas from the mid 19th century into the 20th.  The pictures below are from that village. It was from life situations like this that the immigrants from the countryside might have arrived in the United States and in Bohemia.
Even today in the countryside, although homes have all modern conveniences, the traditional home style is preserved.  The following are recent photos.
The traditional styles coexist with more modern approaches, such as this A-frame dwelling.
Many city and town squares have remained the same for years.
                 Jihlava                                                                         Olomouc

The same is true of the palaces and chateaux that were once the homes and summer resorts of the nobility and the wealthy.